Bikes are crazy kind of transport and are sweeping the world in popularity. Riding bike is fun as well as exciting. Bike riding is one of the interesting rides which will be suitable for men, women and children. That’s why today variety of bikes are available in market to match-up the style, taste and preferences of customer requirements.

Nowadays large number of manufacturers are designing and producing various models of on-road and off road bikes like kids mini bikes, ATVs (All terrain vehicle), dirt bikes, super pocket bikes, Go Karts, scooters etc to facilitate the adults and children’s need. They also try to sell it in affordable / discounted prices to suite everyone’s pocket.

The ATV, dirt bikes, go karts and pocket bikes are the racing vehicles / bike that are often owned and operated by younger drivers. ATVs are usually used off road along with dirt bikes and mini bikes. Go karts are the 4 wheeler vehicles and are typically driven on paved tracks specifically made for the go kart. The go karts, mini bike, dirt bike or ATVs don’t usually get out on the open road.

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