Face painting is an emerging trend and can be said to be a form of temporary tattoos or body art, whatever you call it.

Usually it is done at parties for kids where themes such as spiderman, hulk or hallooween themes are used.

Different themes require different types of paintings. The only thing that remains constant in all of them is the fun factor. The best part is that since these are done by using temporary tattoo paints and lasts only as long as they wish, they can do all sorts of experiments and use even some really stupid face paintings. I mean, they can be as crazy as they want to since its harmless fun.

Now, I would like to tell you something surprise you and that is that it is not only the kids who get their face painted but also adults although the types of designs vary a lot.

Some adults like to paint their faces with the symbol of their favourite soccer team, while others do it with their national flag. Actually, this is a very common sight in sporting events such as soccer, tennis or the Olympics where people are cheering for their countrymen.

The only thing that they need to be careful about is the temporary tattoo paints that they use on their faces because if they are not careful, then they might end up with some sort of lousy infection or skin disease which might even give a bad look on their faces.

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